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The Ark Staff

The Ark is staffed with teaching professionals who are dedicated to our children accessing the SEN unit. 

All pupils within The Ark access at least 50% of their day, and their associated SEN provision, within this dedicated room. For the rest of this time, provision is split around the specific needs of the Ark cohort children. This could be:

  • Providing therapeutic support - for example SALT (speech and language) therapy, additional sensory needs development etc.
  • Attending mainstream classes with the children to ensure greater participation in these lessons/sessions.
  • Working 1:1 with a child on a specific EHC target, milestone step or specific area of learning.
  • Meeting external professionals for meetings/therapy or additional observation.



The Ark Teacher  Ms Sarah Meenaghan
The Ark Teaching Assitant Ms Hannah Harding
The Ark Assitant Ms Debbie Cooke


Multi-agency team visitors

We regularly welcome visitors to our school who support the children's needs and access to school. This could be provision from the EHC, or external support mechanisms that school buy into.

  • Our Educational Psychologist is called Colin Woodcock
  • Our SAOS outreach team, including commissioned support from Rachel Martins
  • Our Furapy (therapeutic dog training) from Sadie
  • Our counselling provision from No Limits