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Mason Moor
Primary School

The Governors Award Ceremony

During the Autumn term, we were able to celebrate some students who have shown out throughout the school year so far. All the children love seeing which award they could have won. 

On Friday 2nd February 2018, we have had a Governors award Ceremony to congratulate children's efforts throughout their learning. 



Overall Cup Winners

Cathy McEwing Mayoral Cup for Attendance: Tyreece Leeuwerink-Reed

Outstanding Achievement Cup: Antonia Doncheva

Outstanding Citizen Cup: Brooke House

Mason Moor Learner Cup: Lola Witt

Mrs Neal Progress Award: Luke McKeag


Children who were nominated:

Mrs Neal Progress Award:  Mia Appleton, Hugo Dare, Luke McKeag, Harley Salmon

Mason Moor Values: Freddie Portlock, Shahid Peruzi, Lee Harber, Hollie Porter

Reading: Jack Perry-Zmyslony, Connor Pothecary, Theo House, Elijah friend

Writing: Ingrid-Elena Hanu, Kiana Gayle, Laygen McNeil, Logan Roy

Maths: Josh Houston-Robb, Kyron Barrow, Krystal Gendinning, Mackenzie Young

Cathy McEwing Mayoral Cup for Attendance: Cody Keats, Leland Callaway, Starh Stephens, Tyreece Leeuwerink-Reed

Outstanding Achievement Cup: Iris Hackett, Kayle-Rose Sayers, Antonia Doncheva, Sasha Yule

Outstanding Citizen Cup: Daisy-May Mabey, Brooke House, Megan Stimson

Mason Moor Learner Cup: Nikol Valante, Ava-Mae Long, Angus Virtenan, Lola Witt