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Mason Moor
Primary School

The Governing Board

Welcome from the governors of Mason Moor Primary School

Governors are volunteers who work strategically with the Headteacher and school leaders to agree school priorities and improve standards. Our governing board consists of a diverse group of people from different backgrounds. The different skillset that each governor brings to the group allows us to provide support and challenge, acting as a ‘critical friend’, with the aim of improving all aspects of the school and ensuring your child’s needs are met.

Whilst governors are involved in a range of areas such as the curriculum, staffing, finance, performance management, health and safety, school events, ratification of policies and buildings and school grounds maintenance, the day-to-day operation of the school remains the responsibility of the Headteacher. We also try and visit school as often as possible to see for ourselves how the school is functioning.

Governors are grateful to the parents who support school life, whether it is listening to children read, helping with events or activities, or serving on the Friends of Mason Moor. There are always opportunities to participate, and we would encourage everyone to get involved and have a great time by helping our children to grow and develop. Our children deserve the best possible chances in life and we believe that this is best achieved when there are strong, supportive links between home and school.

Children at Mason Moor are encouraged to enjoy their learning, in a safe and purposeful environment where positive behaviour management is practised and staff have high expectations of and aspirations for our children. It is important that good behaviour and mutual respect is modelled by every member of the school community and that every member feels valued.

Feedback from parents is also important and the school asks parents to complete a questionnaire at parents evening. This questionnaire is based on the Ofsted survey which parents can complete at any time using the link  -


Roles & responsibilities

The role of the Governing Board is strategic, working together with the Headteacher, governors are responsible for strategic and long-term decisions about the school.  Our responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring that the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school are clearly defined.
  • Ensuring that the Headteacher performs his or her responsibilities for the educational performance of the school.
  • Ensuring the sound, proper and effective use of the school’s financial resources.

Each governor is required to comply with a Code of Conduct which includes declaring relevant business and pecuniary interests. 

Types of governor

The Governing Board has a membership that complies with an Instrument of Government which came into effect on 7th July 2015.  The appointment to a position is made on the basis of the commitment and skills required to achieve good governance of the school.  The term of office is normally 4 years and all appointments are made subject to satisfactory vetting by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

Governors are drawn from different parts of the community to ensure the Governing Body has sufficient diversity of views and experience.  At Mason Moor Primary School our Governing Body is made up of staff, parents, a governor nominated by the Local Authority and co-opted members of the Community. Further information on different types of governor is listed below.

  • Parent Governors

Two parent governors are elected by and from among the parents of registered pupils currently at the school.  Parent governors are entitled to serve out their term of office even if their child has left the school.  Parents who are elected members of the Local Authority or employed by the school for more than 500 hours in the school year are disqualified from being a parent governor.

  • Co-opted Governors

Seven co-opted governors can be appointed from the wider community on the basis of the skills that can be brought to the governance of the school and the independent perspective of decision making undertaken by the Governing Body.

  • Local Authority Governor

One Local Authority governor is appointed by Southampton City Council as the school is wholly maintained and receives all funding through the local authority.  A member of staff at the school may not be appointed as a local authority governor.

  • Staff Governors

The Head Teacher has the option of being appointed formally as a Governor and would in any case normally attend meetings of the Governing Body.  One other staff governor is appointed through an election by and from the teaching and non-teaching employees of the school.  Staff governors may not continue to be governors if they cease to be employed by the school.

In addition to the above roles, a Governing Board needs an experienced Clerk. We are fortunate to have a professional Clerk in place.

Should you wish to contact the governing board, please do this through the clerk at