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Mason Moor
Primary School

Reading Bands

Banded books are reading books that your child is given, to practise their reading at home and at school. The coloured bands stand for the different stages that children progress through on their way to becoming fluent readers. Your child should always have a banded book and pupils are given time by their teachers to change these books regularly.


Teachers have decided which band each pupil should be on by looking at your child’s Salford Reading Test results, other test results and by reading with your child.


Your child should be able to read their banded book with a little bit of help from you. They need to be able to read the words and, very importantly, to understand what they are reading. It is also important that they enjoy the books. For this reason, the banded book boxes in the classrooms now include a wider range of titles (not just books from reading schemes), so that every child can find a book that interests them.

Books that are banded: brown, grey, dark blue, dark red and black are for our older children (from year 3/4 onwards) and they tend to progress more slowly through these bands. It does not mean that your child has not made progress if they have not moved band.


If you have any questions about your child’s reading band, please speak to their class teacher.


Finally, please remember to fill out a sticker and send it back to school when your child is read with at home.