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Mason Moor
Primary School


Our year 6's applied to become prefects for our school. The first 20 children were offered the oppotunity to become prefects. They were offered this oppotunity because:

  • They follow the Mason Moor Charter
  • They have a 100% attendance
  • They model exemplary behaviourand are dedicated to improving their work.

They had to apply for the role through an application form, example of one on the right.

The candidates then attended an interview with Mrs KD, Miss Lockitt, head boy (Logan Roy) and head girl (Natalia Stedman). The interview focased on these questions:

  • How will you represent Mason Moor Primary School?
  • What skills do you have to offer?
  • What role will be most suited to you? Why?


2017/2018 Mason Moor School Prefects were:

  1. Kelis Algar
  2. Lili Williams
  3. Willaim Murphy
  4. Erin Hughes
  5. Luke West
  6. Megan Stimpson
  7. Mate Farkas
  8. Tyler Roy

With our head boy (Logan Roy) and head girl (Natalia Stedman) at the top of the image.