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Mason Moor
Primary School

Phonics & Learning to Read

At Mason Moor Primary School, we teach phonics from Reception to Year 2 using Letters and Sounds, which is a phonics resource published by the Department for Education.

The children have daily phonic lessons which promote speaking and listening skills. By the end of Key Stage 1, we aim for children to be able to read fluently and have a good foundation in spelling.

Letters and Sounds has six phases.

Phase One should be covered in preschool prior to children starting primary school. 

Phase Two — Four is taught in Reception

Children learn:        42 sounds/phonemes and how these are represented by letters/graphemes

                                 how to blend sounds together for reading and how to segment words for spelling.

                                 how to read and spell ‘tricky’ words

 Phase Five is taught in Year 1

Children learn new ways of representing sounds and practise blending for reading and segmenting for spelling.

Phase Six is taught in Year 2

During this phase, children become fluent readers and increasingly accurate spellers.