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Mason Moor
Primary School

Football Tournament

On Thursday 9th February 2017, Mason Moor Primary School took part in a Football tournament. We held the football match in our great playing fields. We were competing against Fairisle Junior School. 

Year 3 and 4

It was years 3/4 first ever football tournament! Even though they didn't win they tried so hard at working as a team. They all showed get team spirit throughout the game. 

Score: Fairisle = 6, Mason Moor = 0

On the Year 3/4 mixed team:

Jodie Carter (Yr 4), Riley Coombes (Yr 4), Lloyd Kingswell (Yr4), Nathan Peacey (Yr 4), Harrison Emm (Yr 4), Chase Taylor (Yr 4), Tyreese Kerr (Yr 3), Caden Jeffery (Yr 4).

Year 5 and 6

Also it was years 5/6 first ever football tournament! We were so proud of our year 5/6 team as they drew 3-3. They worked extremely well as a team, communicating very well.

Score: Fairisle = 3, Mason Moor = 3

On the Year 5/6 mixed team:

Kai Clarke (Yr 6), Kayleigh Moore (Yr 6), Matthew Fricker (Yr 5), Kristan Reed-Hoyle (Yr 5), Jacob Collins (Yr 5), Obsa Mohammad (Yr 5), Bradley Carter (Yr 6), Jake Casewell (Yr 6), Jeremiah Mendiola (Yr 6).