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Mason Moor
Primary School

Back To School September 20

Thursday 27th August 20

Dear Parents / Carers

Please see the attached guidance on how we are getting Back to School at Mason Moor Primary School.

We look forward to seeing all the children back next Thursday.

Miss Kristy Wharton



Friday 28th August 20

Good afternoon,

If anyone has any issues with drop off or pick up times due to using a childminder or their child/children being picked up by another family, please contact school and let us know. We are happy to change arrangements but this will need to be a permanent change - we will not be able to accommodate different times on different days. We need to try our best to ensure we do not let children mix between bubbles unless needed.

If there is a one off emergency - again, contact us and we will try our best to accommodate changes.

Thanks, Mason Moor Team (02380 390140,