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Mason Moor
Primary School

Attendance Heroes

We are currently kicking off a school wide programme to help improve attendance and lateness.

Our theme is called “Attendance Heroes”. Our goal is to bring awareness to the link between attendance and student achievement. This programme is intended to help boost attendance at a school wide level.

Any child who has 100% attendance for this term will be able to take part in our Superhero Day at the end of term, where they can dress as their favourite superhero or make up one of their own. They will also be able to have a super hero session of fun and games on the last day of term as a reward for all of their hard work. 


This reward will also be available to any class who achieves “The Gold attendance reward” and races toward the finish line with 100% attendance of all children in class on a daily basis. Which means their class attendance hero character will be able to move along the display.