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Mason Moor
Primary School

Friday 24th March 2017

This week the children decided to talk about what they did in ICT. Here is what they said...


"In ICT, on the computers, I made a game on Scratch, were you have to reverse on a car and press the arrow keys to turn.

How to make a game

On Google, type scratch. At the top left press create and press the paint brush. You can create a sprite. Then make instructions so the sprite will do what you want it to. The make a backdrop so your sprite can do things. Save it onto your laptop so you can keeping editing."

                                                                  Written by Angus Virtanen 


"This week, we were on the computers so we can make a game. We were making obstacles for the ship to go around. Next week we will be learning about how the ship stops when you crash into an obstacle.

How to get on Scratch

First, you go on Google and type in Scratch. Next you press on the first one that says Scratch. After that, you see games and a cat above. The cat it says create. Finally you see a piece of paper with squares on it and that's where you create your ship."

                                                                Written by Deimile Dirdaite