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Mason Moor
Primary School

Friday 17th Febuary 2017

This week the children decided to talk about what they did in Maths. Here is what they said...


"I like maths because we are learning about time. The first thing we learnt was o'clock, quater to, quater past, minutes and the 24-hour clock. Many other choldren like time too. I enjoyed learning about minutes because I got me thinking lots. We also use small clocks to help us."

                                                                  Written by Angus Virtanen 


"This week we have been learning about fractions and division. We were working on questions and trying to work out the answer by using our multiplication and division facts. We are allowed to check our own answers using green pen to edit. I enjoyed learning about fractions as I can see how I have got better from the start."

                                                                Written by Deimile Dirdaite