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Mason Moor
Primary School

Whole School Events

Easter Service

We will be returning to St Peter’s for our Easter Service with Rev Jane on Thursday 6th April 2017. Once again we will walk to the church. During the service there will be performances from the  children, including readings, the recorder ensemble and the choir. 


World Book Day

On Thursday 2nd March 2017, lots of our pupils dressed up for World Book Day. We had a competition for the best dress up character. It was such a hard decision as we had so many great costumes. 



1st: Luke West (Yr 5)

2nd: Evie Morgan (Yr 4)

3rd: Demarco Clarke (Yr 1)


Nominations: Thomas Cross (Yr R), Roman Wiltshire (Yr R), Delia Clarke (Yr 2), Roxy Carter (Yr 3), Elijah Friend (Yr 4), Erin Hughes (Yr 5), Kayliegh Moore (Yr 6), Tommy and Lesley (Maple).


Governors Award Ceremony

On Friday 10th February 2017, we have had a Governors award Ceremony to congratulate children's efforts throughout their learning. 

Children who won awards:

Mrs Neal Progress Award: Devonty Carter-Thompson (Yr R), Delia Clarke (Yr 2), Arafat Mohammed (Yr 4), Kia Emm (Yr 6) 

Mason Moor Values: Tyler Warren (Yr R), Kane Drewery (Yr 2), Roxy Carter (Yr 3), Mate Farkas (Yr 5).

Reading: John Pollock (Yr R), Kayla-Rose Sayers (Yr 1), Ella Dorobantu (Yr 4), Bradley Carter (Yr 6)

Writing: Miley Yussef (Yr R), Nadia Prabucki (Yr 2), Tegan Bree (Yr 3), Natalia Stedman (Yr 5)

Maths: Oliver Partingdon (Yr R), Kyron Barrow (Yr 1), Luke Caswell (Yr 3), Jessica Jia (Yr 6)

Cathy McEwing Mayoral Cup for Attendance: Leo Earley (Yr R), Alex Houston-Robb (Yr 2), Reuben Allen (Yr 3), Brendon Knight (Yr 5)

Outstanding Achievement Cup: Amelia Dworczyk (Yr R), Yusuf Mohammed (Yr 1), Beni Farkas (Yr 3), Senja Virtanen (Yr 5)

Outstanding Citizen Cup: Holly Chainey (Yr R), Lilly Noice (Yr R), Jodie Crater (Yr 4), Kirsty Glendinning (Yr 6)

Mason Moor Learner Cup: Katie Carter (Yr R), Beau Allen (Yr 2), Olivia Leat (Yr 4), Mia Kerr (Yr 5)

Overall Cup Winners

Cathy McEwing Mayoral Cup for Attendance: Brendon Knight (Yr 5)

Outstanding Achievement Cup: Senja Virtanen (Yr 5)

Outstanding Citizen Cup: Jodie Carter (Yr 4)

Mason Moor Learner Cup: Beau Allen (Yr 2)

Mrs Neal Progress Award: Arafat Mohammed (Yr 4)