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Mason Moor
Primary School

Our Learning

KS1 and Early Years Easter Bonnet Parade

On Wednesday 5th April 2017, we held an Easter bonnet parade in our playground. The children made amazing bonnets. We had lots of parents/guardians that came to watch the parade. The winners were announced in Fridays Celebration assembly. 


1st: Lilly Chainey (Yr 2)

2nd: Ewan Halladay (Yr 1) & Callum Vanderstichle (Yr 1)

3rd: Owen Dunn (Yr 1) & Emily Appleton (Yr R) & Leland Calloway (Yr R)

Our winners (on the right) recieved an easter egg each.

Well Done to everyone who took part in the Easter Bonnet Parade. It was such a hard decision deciding who placed which is why we had joined places. Thank you to Mrs Sasso, Mrs Bundy and Mrs Murphy for judging. 









Early Years were farmers to duckings in March 2017. They have enjoyed looking at how they grow. All the other children in school are always so excited to see them whenever they walk past. 


Our Ducklings!
Do you recognise this handsome pair? These are our ducklings that hatched last term. Mrs Purkiss, our Maple class teacher, has given them a new home and here they are enjoying a splash in their own pool.
Their plumage is coming through and their beautiful black feathers shimmer green and purple in the light. They are Cayuga Ducks. We are so glad that they are living with Mrs Purkiss as she is able to give us regular ‘duckdates’! Check out the website for more news.